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I have been a client at Bayview for 10 years, and every time I walk in the clinic I am welcomed as if I am family; Evan is so in tune with my body, I am so grateful to have found the client-patient chemistry I was looking for in a massage therapist.


My husband and I both see Andrea regularly for massage therapy. She is the consummate professional and a gifted therapist. We are blessed to be in her care.


Kristen creates a lovely relaxing atmosphere and the extent of her knowledge of the body is evident throughout the treatment. She really takes great care of you during the massage. I highly recommend her!


As someone with widespread chronic pain and a highly sensitive system it can be difficult to find practitioners who understand how to relieve tension, pain and other complaints with a gentle yet effective touch. Anne Hayward’s incredible skill and extensive knowledge, along with her intuition, makes her one of the few people I trust to work on my body. I always know I’m in good hands with Anne.


I started seeing Kristen after recovering from a concussion I received while training for my 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo. She was very thorough in her testing to make sure treatments would not cause any further injury. X-rays from my doctor showed I also had a broken vertebrae in my lower back from a childhood injury that was causing a lot of discomfort and a reduced range of motion in my legs and back. Kristen has been able to relax the muscles and give me stretches and better sitting/standing body mechanics so that my muscles can work for me instead of locking me in place. I felt so comfortable with her that all four of my kids now see her too! I needed to make a career change and was interested in starting the Registered Massage Therapy program. Kristen was a great cheerleader for me and very graciously did an interview for my school project, taking time out of her busy schedule to answer all of my questions. Kristen is on speed dial!!


I have received care from three different RMT’s at Bayview with skills ranging from excellent to extraordinary. If you want therapeutic results, this is definitely the place to go.

Sandy K.

If you are fortunate enough to get an appointment with Evan do it! You won’t be disappointed! Always the professional, his scope of expertise, not to mention years of experience in not only massage but also in osteopathic and visceral techniques will be put to good use to get you feeling so much better. He’s worth the drive into White Rock, I come from Vancouver to see him.

Ann H.

I have been coming to see Evan for a few years now from Vancouver and have been privileged to get a much coveted bimonthly appointment. He will spoil you for any other RMT you will see after because not only does he have years of experience and the intuition to know how best to treat you but also knowledge of many other therapies that he can use to help you.


I have been going to Anne at Bayview Massage for 7 years. She is truly phenomenal. Her ability to sense where a problem could be originating from is remarkable. Anne is knowledgeable, patient, and an excellent listener. She sincerely cares about her patients well being. Over the years she has rectified some fairly odd problems I have experienced. I am always confident that “Magic Hands Anne” will get to the root of my problem.


I have been working with Evan since 2003 when I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Through collaboration with my chiropractor and physiotherapist he was able to advance my recovery. I continue to see Evan for regular maintenance and do not hesitate to recommend him to friends and colleagues.

Kim Tompkins MacGregor

I have been blessed to be a client of Anne’s for many years now. The unique skills she possesses are indescribable…a true gift indeed. Over the years she has helped me as I journey towards improved physical, spiritual, and emotional health and I am most grateful to her.


I have been seeing Evan for about 3 years. Over that time I have been amazed by the results. I am an ultra distance runner and have had various injuries of over the past twenty years of my running career. In the past I have tried chiropractor treatments and physiotherapy but have not reaped the results that I have with massage therapy. Since seeing Evan I have been injury free and that is after doing two 100km runs and various marathons. Massage therapy has definitely made a difference for me!


I have been seeing Evan at Bayview Therapeutic Massage for close to three years. Initially, I sought his services to help me with getting suppler so I wouldn’t have so much pain when I walked. Having had full knee replacement years ago, my posture and bearing was compromised. Evan helped me with greater mobility, less pain and more endurance.

When my wife and I were broadsided in a horrific accident, Evan was extremely helpful in getting me back on track. He knew exactly what area to work, and already having my history, helped in getting me more mobility, given the seriousness of our accident. Not only is Evan an excellent therapist, he continues to train, take courses and learn to become an even better, more effective care giver. I am healthier and live with less pain because of Evan’s expertise.


Wow…for the first time in years, the big lump beside my head is very much reduced…not gone, but VERY MUCH REDUCED !!!! Thank you…good work Evan!


I consider Evan my primary healthcare provider in the true sense. His treatments resonate with all body systems and his approach stems from a wide scope of knowledge and constant upgrading. In my journey of healing my broken back, cranial and pelvic trauma, Evan has been a go-to therapist who invariably found ways to avert relapse, move past a plateau and build on progress, helping me to continue recovering my health and full functionality.