Our White Rock Massage Therapy Team

Wynne Tong, RMT

Wynne is a 100%  softball and volleyball mom as well as cheerleader.  On her off time, Wynne stays active doing yoga and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and walking on the beach.


Wynne graduated from the Registered Massage Therapy program where she learned to treat a variety of conditions including headaches, whiplash, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, strains, sprains and tendinitis. Her treatment techniques include: Swedish, deep tissue therapy, frictions, joint play , proprioceptive neuromuscular techniques, myofascial release, trigger point release, stretching, etc.

Wynne has just completed her intro to Visceral Manipulation 

In addition to English, Wynne is also fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin .


BSc, Cell and Developmental Biology - UBC
Graduate of CDI College Registered Massage Therapy program


“Wynne is amazing healer with a great sense of humour!”

Kristen Satterfield, RMT


Kristen grew up in the South Surrey area playing soccer and volleyball. She is an avid runner, having completed numerous events, including a half marathon. She enjoys being active and outdoors.

Injury prevention and rehabilitation, relief from headaches, back and neck pain, as well as prenatal and postnatal treatments. Kristen enjoys providing patient education and remedial exercises to help patients achieve their optimal health goals.

BSc, Human Kinetics – UBC Okanagan
Graduate of Registered Massage Therapy Vancouver Career College

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"Kristen creates a lovely relaxing atmosphere and the extent of her knowledge of the body is evident throughout the treatment. She really takes great care of you during the massage. I highly recommend her!"

Andrea Harris BA, RMT


Andrea has been practicing Massage therapy for 7 years. She is full of energy and enjoys working out daily.  She relaxes by spending time with friends and family and can often be found the beach with her dog Halle.

Andrea treats a wide variety of conditions including sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, neuromuscular dysfunction, orthopaedic rehabilitation. She also believes in the benefits of massage therapy in the prevention and management of pain and stress.  Andrea develops individualized treatment plans while taking into consideration the entire body and the compensating structures.  Her goal is to help facilitate the body's ability to recover from injury and restore it to it's optimal level of performance.

Graduate of West Coast College of Massage Therapy with Commendation
Myofascial Release
Deep Tissue Therapy
TMJ Dysfunction
Visceral Manipulation

“My husband and I both see Andrea regularly for massage therapy. She is the consummate professional and a gifted therapist. We are blessed to be in her care.”

Anne Hayward, RMT


Anne has practiced Massage Therapy locally for over 20 years. She is an avid runner and is passionate about nutrition and the benefits of eating whole foods and balanced meals. Anne volunteers with the White Rock Hospice Society, loves to garden and read, and is not averse to a mid-day nap where possible!

Anne’s approach to treatment takes into consideration what is going on with the client that day, as well as any longer-term patterns and overall health history. She employs tools from her training to help her clients attain optimum wellness and pain relief, as well as postural and breathing awareness/re-education, and rehabilitative exercise.

Graduate of West Coast College of Massage Therapy
Myofascial Relrase Therapy
Trigger Point Therapy
Cranio-sacral Therapy Levels 1–3
Visceral Manipulation Levels 1–4

"Anne's incredible skill, intuition and extensive knowledge makes her one of the few people I trust to work on my body."

Evan Zaleschuk, RMT


Evan has been practicing Massage Therapy for over 20 years. In his off time he enjoys staying busy with athletics, is a distance runner, and also leads local meditation workshops. Evan volunteers with the White Rock Hospice Society and is on the board of directors for Gaden Relief Projects, which raises funds to provide health care in Tibet, Mongolia, and India.

Evan assesses each client every time they visit to determine where the lesions of the body are pulling. Using that information, he determines the best course of treatment using a number of different modalities and working the viscera (internal organs), cranial, sacral, or deep tissue

Graduate of West Coast College of Massage Therapy
Myofascial Release Therapy
Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Neuralmeningeal Therapy Levels 1–2
Visceral Manipulation Levels 1–6
Listening Levels 1-2

“Evan truly cares about each individual, their health, their circumstances – a true mind body and spirit experience.”